Our staff embraces education at every level, gleans inspiration from all walks of life, and are full of love.  We create collaboratively. SHA is a community supported business (hands up Kensington) but we welcome guests from all over the country and beyond. Our salon gives the stylist opportunities, new challenges, and limitless possibilities. We firmly believe that beauty shines from within and our job is to release your inner beauty. We celebrate all great things and people at Sweet Hairafter. Give us a ring at: 240-800-3064 



Kylie Hoben

I was captivated by the beauty industry at a very young age. The magic of transformation had me hooked from the first time I witnessed it. With over 20 years in the industry I am now a certified hypnotist able to offer more to my guests. I include a sense of well being and even personal growth to their beauty services. Instagram | Embeautyment